Der er ikke skrevet noget endnu

Skjold Parkour is for everyone who wants to train motor activities and physics in a playful and challenging way. We have courses on Tuesday and Wednesday and the training will be outside, but if the weather is bad, it will take place inside. The training can be started at the age of 7.

Parkour is a possibility to experience the city with the movements of your body. Originally Parkour comes from the suburbans of Paris and its popularity increased in the rest of the world steadily, especially in the youth culture. Parkour is a physically exhausting sport, so that emphasis is put on a strong functional body. Besides developing the physics and the motor activities, every participant has the opportunity improve his or her own abilities. Parkour also has an element of danger. The participants should keep in mind that the course will be on asphalt and when you fall from an obstacle you might hurt yourself. We as trainers are aware of the fact and 'security' is prioritized higher than achieving goals. It is also the element of danger which pushes the level of the participants. They learn how to make decisions, learn more about their body and their borders and evaluate themselves in a situation of a challenge. It is satisfying to master a situation which lies a little bit outside of their comfort zone.

An important fact about Parkour is the fun. As mentioned the main focus is on physics and motor activities, they are supported by relay races, obstacle courses or group activities. Another substantial point about Parkour is to improve the movement repertoire through playing and creative tasks.

The training of course is adjusted to the level and the age of the participants.

Senior Sport

In the 'senior sport sector' Skjold has a floorball team of men aged 65 - 75. They train two times a week and the training really helps the men in different ways in their everyday life. They speak about better health, better mobility, lose weight and better sleep.

Studies also shows that this sport has several positive influences on the health, for example it decreases the cholesterol level and increases the coordination and the agility.

Course Director - Senior Sport
Finn Taul
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Course Director - Senior Sport
Svend Jensen
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Family Activities

Boldklubben Skjold offers different family activities, for example football afternoons for children, adults or families.

In order to get detailed information about the events, please have a look at the 'news section' on the website.

Open Hall

Open Hall Østerbrohuset is an event, where every age group is able to move and play.

The project is situated at the Østerbrohuset, that means the staff is responsible for the rules. We have to obey the rules in order to have a great day at this house.

Open Hall is a cooperation between the city of Copenhagen, BK Skjold and Øbro Sport. The commune is responsible for renting the hall and BK Skjold and Øbro Sport are responsible for the instructors on the weekend.

For more infos visit Open Hall or Facebook.

Activities at Østerbrohuset

There will be instructors in the hall the whole day, you will not be alone.
The hall at Østerbrohuset is 1,000m² and different activities, like bouncy castles, obstacle courses and ball games (badminton, floorball, football and table tennis) are offered. Using is at your own risk.

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Project Leader - Open Hall
Pavel Masek
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