How to register

In order to register, please click on new player. You will be put onto the waiting list for team sports when you fill in the form. Please enter the information of the potential member.

If you already have a team or if you have spoken with a trainer, leave a comment in the comment section. You can find all teams in our history.

As soon as we have found a team for you, one of our trainers will get in touch with you. This normally takes five workdays.

After that you will get access to the member system via holdsport. A user name and a password will be sent to you. The system works as a communication platform and you will be able to see when and where a training, a competition or a social activities is taking place.

One the same day you will receive an electronic bill via holdsport. The payment should be done within 14 days, this period counts as trial period.

If you don't want to continue after the trial period, please write an email to If you want to continue, of course you only pay the bill.

When you are playing in a youth team, you have to buy your jersey yourself. Some teams use team sets, so please ask the trainer for it. Buy player set.

If you are not able the pay the bill within the trial period, don't hesitate to propose a solution. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Questions about your registration

Write an email to Theis if you have any question about your registration.