Boldklubben Skjold

Boldklubben Skjold is a club with a wide range of offers in leisure activities. Besides soccer we also provide petanque, parkour and floorball in men and women teams for every age group. The club was founded in 1915 and has approximately 1,400 members and three training facilities at the moment. This makes Boldklubben Skjold one of the biggest sports club in the Copenhagen area. The club is famous for playing football at the 2nd danish Division West and has several male, female and junior football teams.

We also organize several events in the Copenhagen area, where interested people can take part, for example the 'Copenhagen football festival' or the 'Åben hal'. Feel free to join in.

Everyone is welcome at Boldklubben Skjold, we already have a lot of members with different nationalities, religions, political attitudes and ethnics. This open mindset is what our member hold in high regard and what satisfies them.